Take Time to Think About What You Really Want

What do you really want?

You might want something different in your career, relationship, finances or 100 other things. What we usually want is some kind of change we believe is better for us, as defined by us. Unfortunately, we might daydream frequently about these wants, but never take the time for focused thinking about them. Focusing on our specific wants and defining changes we need to make for success gets sidelined by the everyday. Taking time for yourself outside of your everyday life allows you to define your wants and strategize ways to make the changes needed for success.

Beware the Non-Compete Clause


Non-compete clauses are common agreements signed by freelancers and come in various forms. They can be presented as a standalone agreement or as a section called out in a larger document. In either case, it’s important you understand what you’re agreeing to when you sign. Things are more complicated if your client additionally requires you work with a 3rd party vendor they set up to handle contractors. (more…)

Choose Your Day and Walk with Victory

Walk with Victory

Do you remember “Choose your own ________” items from childhood? Fill in the blank with words like “story” or “adventure”. And then there were Mad Libs, the stories with blanks you filled in for things like nowns, verbs, colors, people. These activities led to many laughs when completed, but something I heard on my morning commute reminded me that every day is an opportunity to choose. (more…)

3 Tips for Transitioning from a 9 to 5 Work Day

Have you recently left your 9-5 life to work for yourself from home?

Now comes the part that many of us didn’t think too much about. Removing the 9-5 job removed our daily structure. In order to be effective and happy in our new role, we need to create that structure for ourselves. This is challenging for some people and the following 3 tips to help you make the shift are an easy way to get started. (more…)

4 Elements of a Daily Work Journal and Why You Should Keep One


Keeping a daily work journal when you are on a contract with a client is an easy way to keep a history of your experiences on the project and manage some of your daily activities. You don’t have to spend much time each day to maintain a work journal if you keep your entries to a defined template. This article covers a template I’ve used for several years and have found very effective. I’ll cover the 4 basic elements of a daily work entry and 2 free tools you can use to easily manage the process. You can also access a template for your own use here. (Downloads a Microsoft Word file you can import to Google Docs or copy/paste for use in Evernote.) (more…)