Relax, Relax, Relax

This has been a great getaway so far. We are usually busy nonstop on cruises, but this one has started off as more of a relaxing voyage. We started off the cruise with a showing of The Muppet movie after dinner in the screening room. Supplemented with a Mojito, we bid the mainland goodbye with Kermit and the gang entertaining us again. We spent our first day at the cruise line’s private island. We hiked around, swam and BBQ’d. A sister ship was in port at the same time, so there were many more people than on our previous visits to the island. We don’t think our ship is fully booked, so it didn’t feel too crowded on the beach.

Yesterday was a day was a day at sea. We started off with a visit to the gym for a good workout before breakfast. That’s probably the best thing about sea days. You don’t have to be anywhere. We’re usually preparing to get off the ship early for an excursion. It was nice starting out the day with something good for the body.

Last night was the bumpiest voyage we’ve ever had. We should be arriving in Aruba in a few hours. We have no plans other than to walk around and explore. The weather is grand and we’re enjoying not having a schedule.

We have been taking advantage of free drink opportunities on the ship. Liquor samples at the ship shops and free champagne at an art auction have been nice. While the champagne at the auction was free flowing, we couldn’t bring ourselves to buy our favorites.

The art auction inspired me to start drawing, and I’ve started a few sketches on the iPad. Using some vacation photos as a base, I’ve created drawings of them. It’s been fun, usually quick, and nice to draw again.

More to come after Aruba..