Last Day

We are spending our last day of the cruise at sea. We’ll be leaving the ship around 7am tomorrow morning. It always feels like we’ve time travelled at the end of a vacation like this. Months of anticipation, planning and talking about the trip seemed to go on forever, and now it’s suddenly over. It has been a great trip, and we certainly accomplished what we wanted - decompression from a hectic and stressful work life during the first months of the new year. Days at sea are always great for catching up with some reading, ship activities, and disregard for any kind of schedule. Yesterday was a day at sea as well and included the final LGBT Pre-dinner gathering. We met several couples at previous gatherings and have enjoyed sharing our travel experiences from this cruise, and others we’ve been on. Several of us have dined together on various nights to share stories of our travels and personal lives. Everyone was around our age with relationships ranging from 5-11 years, Kenn and I being the longest.

Our last land stop was 2 days ago in Port Límon, Costa Rica. We had a white water rafting excursion that took most of our time and was worth every minute! The weather was beautiful and the river water was warm and refreshing. When rougher water wasn’t splashing us, other rafters were!

There were 5 rafts on our excursion. We had 6 people in our raft, including our guide. Some rafts had up to 8. Our raft mates were a family of 4 including a pre-teen girl, young boy, mom and dad. Our guide made Kenn and I captains, which basically meant we sat at the front of the raft. The guide called out commands as we floated down the river and all of us paddled.

The rafting was a lot of fun, but certainly not what you might expect when you think of white water rafting. We were on a class 2 part of the river, which is pretty tame. We still had several thrills along the 2+ hour trip.

As we sit here with our bags packed, preparing for our last dinner out on the ship, we realize once again how important it is to take time off to do nothing. And now we can look forward to more travel coming up, AND delivery of some artwork we won at the ship’s gallery auction. One piece is a beautiful reminder of our past trip to Greece, while 2 other pieces are hand colored etchings featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy, including one of Snoopy on his doghouse preparing to fight the Red Baron. I was always a Charlie Brown fan and am excited to have these pieces.