Keil, Germany


One last port before heading home. 

Our last port of call is Kiel, Germany. This port has served as a major commerce center on the trade routes in the area. It is most well known now for the Kiel Canal, similar to the Panama, Canal. This canal cuts a 300+ nautical mile trip to under 100 nautical miles.

Our ship stopped in this port because today is the start of Kiel Week, a huge sailing party/celebration. Tall ships with towering masts and sails dominate the waters dotted with hundreds of smaller yachts and sailboats. The shoreline area is a few miles long and filled with food, drink and souvenir vendors.

We walked for several miles along the shore after breakfast this morning, which was too early for any of the vendors to be open yet. We thought the affair looked like all the other street fairs we go to, only in German. There were beer gardens and food stands everywhere, so nothing that was very exciting to us. We finished our walk watching some of the boats and snapping a few photos.

I think we both are feeling the effects of the trip catch up with us. This vacation has been a continuous feed of history, culture, multiple languages, churches and museums. We’ve started each day around 7 am with nonstop touring for the rest of our day. We’ve got overload and decided to spend the rest of our day packing up and getting ready for the return to Copenhagen tomorrow and our flight back to Chicago.

One last fancy dinner on the ship and one last wavy night await us. This trip has been a great experience, but we’re both looking forward to getting home.