Çanakkale, Turkey


September 4, 2011 Çanakkale, Turkey

Today’s port was Çanakkale, Turkey. Our highlight of the day was a trip to ancient Troy. The city of Troy itself was built and rebuilt in the same spot 9 different times! Fires, war and earthquakes continually battered the city.

For centuries Troy was believed by many scholars to be a city from myths and legends. Homer wrote of Troy some 300 years after the Trojan War. His account of the geographic specifics within the area of the city helped lead future explorers to uncover Troy in the late 1800’s. What was discovered was not one Troy, but 9! The strategic location and benefit to trade routes made the location a prize spot.

I think most everyone thinks of the wooden Trojan Horse when they hear of Troy. We learned that there actually isn’t any evidence to support the stories of the great wooden horse, but like many things we’ve learned on this trip, it’s grown to be accepted as truth mainly because so many people believe it. (This was also the case of the staff of Moses we saw in Istanbul.)

The grounds of ancient Troy did have a large replica of a wooden horse and numerous trinkets for sale in the gift shops representing the horse. I think we heard reference of Brad Pitt and the movie “Troy” multiple times during our excursion. Apparently it was a good representation of the story and something we’ll need to watch.

Walking around the grounds of the city was truly amazing. To think of the discovery of a city beneath the ground that had been rebuilt 9 times and still has large parts intact is amazing.