Kos, Greece


September 6, 2011 Kos, Greece

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Our visit to Kos consisted of an around the island excursion entitled The Traditional Villages of Kos. I think some of that was a misnomer but we did see a lot of the island and a few tourist traps as well. The first stop on our bus ride with our fantastic tour guide Dementria was the Archeological site of Asclepion. This was an ancient hospital and was where Hippocrates started his more holistic practices of medicine. Prior to this, the ancients believed that all illnesses were due to gods so they tried to use magics and sacrifices to heal someone who came there. With Hippocrates and his followers, they started viewing the body as the source of illnesses and for the first time tried to work on the cause of the illnesses not just the symptoms. This was a enormous change in how medicine was utilized. Many names of illnesses are still used to this day (melancholy, tuberculosis, etc…).

The second stop was the mountainous town of Zia. It was amazing to take all of the switchbacks up very narrow roads in our huge bus to get there but in reality, this was just a tourist trap of shopping for an hour. We stopped along the way to Kefalos to see a old time traditional home from the 17th century which was not that far off from modern Greek island homes we have seen actually.

We then went to the village of Kefalos which is where we had lunch. This was in the far west side of the island of Kos and since we started in the far east side we really did get to see a lot of the island. Where we had lunch in Kefalos it was a big tourism destination that I could see people choosing to get away from the crowds.

Overall Kos had its charms but I would not go back.