September 8, 2011 Mykonos, Greece

Up early again for yet another excursion after pulling into Mykonos. One of these days we’ll plan a relaxing, all sleeping in cruise but hey, we had a lot to see each day. Today’s excursion was pretty straightforward. Take a ferry out to the archeological island of Delos and back with two hours on the island with a tour guide to see the ruins of what was once the financial capitol of Greece. Ransacked and looted for years, the rubble that remains is slowly being pieced together by archeology teams from Greece and France.

We strolled around the main town after our tour, settling in at a little taverna for a couple glasses of ouzo. The taverna is in an area known as Little Venice because of its high Venetian houses with multicolored porches and wooden balconies. The proximity of our taverna to the water meant water crashing in front of us and over the terrace. We were just out of range from being splashed ourselves. It was a great way to enjoy some ouzo and a visit from the resident pelican Petros II.

We don’t know the full story on Petros, but he showed up right next to us at the taverna and the waiter gave him a few minutes of petting, assuring the startled women nearby that Petros was not dangerous. In fact, he was more like a dog than a pelican, loving the attention locals gave him through petting and head butts, much like a dog. We have video to share of this once we can upload it.

A return to the ship late afternoon eased us into dinner with our friends. Our intention after dinner was to head to shore for a few drinks. We made it to shore, but really wanted to walk around and check out Mykonos at night, not leaving enough time to settle in to a local club for some fun before the last tender to our ship.

Mykonos is hugely popular as a tourist destination and it was evident during our stroll through the streets. Cruise ships and other visitors filled the “streets”. That’s in quotes since the main pathways of Mykonos aren’t much wider than a city sidewalk, and twist and turn in every direction. It’s easy to get lost, but the maze-like arrangement is a common mediterranean theme in street design from the days of pirates. The maze of streets would foil escape routes which the locals could easily maneuver and ambush would be thieves.

Mykonos is a very pretty island, and we were blessed with amazing weather during our visit, making all of us want to return for a longer stay sometime.