Corfu, Greece

We're sitting at a cafe called "fresco" enjoying a huge Mythos, ouzo and ham & cheese crepe. The mythos costs 4.5 Euro for a large draft. Free-wifi is a bonus.

Today we had a morning excursion to see the Palaces of Corfu. Our tour guide Fofo was excellent and unlike many other cruises we'd been on, our tour only had 20 people on it on a bus that could hold double that as opposed to the 40+ that we usually have. We saw the Achillean Palace, the Bon something Palace and then had a brief tour of Old Town Corfu. The first Palace was beautiful, the second one wasn't as nice but we learned a lot.

We really enjoyed the downtown of Corfu full of shops and cafes. We really wanted to find free wi-fi so we sat down at a cafe, caught up with our email and facebook accounts and had some drinks and a ham and cheese crepe which was wonderful.