Kotor, Montenegro

What a day! We sailed into Kotor this morning through small fjords leading to the dock. After a short walk around town, we decided to venture upwards, hiking to the main old fort.

The hike consisted of a crumbly path and more solid stairs leading to the top of the hill where the fort resides. Being mindful of our 12:30 speedboat trip, we kept a brisk pace, stopping for photos along the way, and rest stops as needed. The elevation, exertion and concentration on not slipping was exhausting. Views along the path offered many sweeping shots of of the bay, town and our cruise ship.

I don't know how many actual stairs there were, but we spent about an hour and a half for the entire hike up and down.

Our 12:30 speedboat met us at our ship's dock and took us on a very scenic trip back out of the fjords to the open sea. Since we didn't see our ship sail in this morning, it was a treat to see the view from this level. The coast along our path was lined with villages and churches, some quite high up the fjord walls.

Our destination was the Blue Cave, a cave carved out by the sea with safe swimming and an odd effect to the water. The water appeared to be laced with aquamarine dye, but it was an illusion caused by the light refracting from the cave opening and into the water.

We stopped at a little beach on the way back to the ship for some swimming. It was a perfect break after all our hiking and swimming and ended our day off ship.